IT’S a “SELLERS” Market… W H Y would I need to get a Stucco Inspection?

As an Owner (Seller), it can be tempting to forgo a “Pre-Listing” Stucco inspection during a “Seller’s Market”. After all, when demand is high and inventory is low, buyers may be willing to overlook any potential issues with the Stucco (and/or Adhered Stone veneer). However, there are still several reasons why a seller should consider getting a stucco inspection.

1. Avoid surprises

Even in a seller’s market, buyers may still want to negotiate for repairs or a lower price if they discover issues with the stucco. By getting a stucco inspection before listing the home, a seller can identify potential problems and address them before they become a bargaining chip in negotiations.

Currently, we are seeing the growing trend of Builders/Contractors now requesting Stucco inspections on behalf of Owners (NOT SELLING) who are initiating the process of renovating their homes.  A forensic Stucco inspection provides the Owner AND their Contractor with  “moisture mapping” to better provide their Scope of Work and Price Quotes for their Home Improvement/Repair projects.

2. Increase buyer confidence

A stucco inspection report can give potential buyers a better understanding of the condition of the home’s  exterior cladding system. This can make the home more attractive to buyers and potentially lead to a quicker sale.

3. Protect against future legal action

If a buyer discovers issues with the stucco AFTER purchasing the home, they may take legal action against the seller. By getting a stucco inspection and addressing any issues, a seller can reduce the possibility of legal entanglements.

4. Maintain home market value

By providing potential buyers with results of a detailed inspection report, along with proof of completed repairs and warranties addressing the identified stucco issues, a seller can maintain the market value of their home. Buyers are willing to pay more for a home that is in good condition and does not require significant repairs.

In conclusion, even in a seller’s market, it’s important for a seller to consider getting a stucco inspection before listing their home. A stucco inspection can help avoid surprises, increase buyer confidence, help reduce occurrence of legal action, comply with local regulations, and maintain the home’s value. By taking this step, a seller can ensure a smooth sale process and maximize their return on investment.

Should you decide to sell your home, annual visual inspections and maintenance documentation will be a valuable selling tool, providing evidence to show that your home has been inspected and maintained on a regular basis by a reputable and qualified firm.