Stucco Inspections: Second Opinions: WHY?

Stucco Inspections: Second Opinions: WHY?

With the growing awareness by the Real Estate community, a trend in stucco inspections is emerging!

Many home BUYERS are now asking to have “THEIR OWN” stucco inspection performed…EVEN when a recent protocol inspection was conducted (AND presented) by the SELLERS licensed stucco inspector!

So…What is causing this trend?

We believe typically, most consumers want the confidence of choosing “MY guy” to perform their various inspections, simply to know that someone is representing them (and NOT the Seller)!

This specific situation leaves me feeling a bit perplexed… WHY?

BECAUSE… the majority of the stucco inspection tests are procedurally invasive by nature.  A full protocol inspection process, depending on the size of the home, may have upwards of 60 to 80 (or more) pilot holes drilled where moisture and resistance readings obtained are documented and then filled with sealant.

Remember… as an independent stucco inspector, the primary objective is to see IF there are any areas of moisture intrusion or substrate damage and provide “moisture mapping” at protocol locations. Determining the cause and extent of damage is the responsibility of a stucco remediation contractor, NOT the stucco inspector!

IF a RECENT test was just performed (Within the past 6 months), why would we want to perform another FULL invasive inspection and drill another series of holes at all locations?

*** DON’T JUMP TO CONCLUSIONS!      Second opinions are ok! ***

Here are a few questions you might just want to ask before requesting another stucco inspection:

*Ask to see the inspection report, in its entirety. WHO was the inspector, WHEN was it performed?

* Determine if a FULL inspection was conducted (are ALL locations identified in the report OR are their only Partial or Limited locations which have been inspected?

What were the report findings for moisture readings and substrate fitness?

* If remediation work was performed, ask for copies of all work orders, contracts, repair photos and any transferrable warranty documents.

Answers to these preliminary questions will allow you to best determine how to proceed.

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