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Posts by Michael Angelo Masonry, LTD

When do you recommend “RE-TESTING”?

You have mentioned Second Opinions in a previous Stucco Inspection blog…but WHEN do you recommend “RE-TESTING”?    Great question… GLAD you ask!! As you may know, the awareness of stucco concerns and requests for invasive moisture testing in the Northeast region as recent as 10 to 15 years ago was very minimal, coupled with the…

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Stucco Inspections: Second Opinions: WHY?

Stucco Inspections: Second Opinions: WHY? With the growing awareness by the Real Estate community, a trend in stucco inspections is emerging! Many home BUYERS are now asking to have “THEIR OWN” stucco inspection performed…EVEN when a recent protocol inspection was conducted (AND presented) by the SELLERS licensed stucco inspector! So…What is causing this trend? We believe typically, most consumers…

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Peace of Mind

A growing trend this year has been the rise in the amount of consumers who intend to remain in their dream homes for the foreseeable future, but have recently witnessed “first hand” extensive stucco remediation projects within their neighboring communities. The image of a home with scaffolding, dumpsters and work crews removing rotted wood, insulation…

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What’s in a name? Stucco Inspections 2.0 (aka Moisture Intrusion evaluation)

A recurring theme in our blog is not just the ongoing education surrounding concerns with stucco based products, but the quick reaction by both the consumer and real estate sales industry to adapt to its new standards of installation and inspection methods. To the uninitiated, only a few short years ago, the term “Stucco Inspection”, was perceived…

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Yes, the terms “STUCCO INSPECTION” & “STUCCO TESTING” have become household phrases that make everyone a bit edgy. Just a few short years ago, the perceived “frivolity” of suggesting a stucco inspection was greeted with snickers and jeers in many real estate communities, even though it was increasingly being recommended for their best interest in…

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Stucco Inspections: You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

Stucco inspections are ALL the same, RIGHT? “Help me understand because… I don’t know… WHAT I DON’Tknow!” WOW! That is an intelligent consumer. WHY? Because they know that although there are obvious similarities in stucco testing protocols and pricing, they also know each home is unique and it is best to learn, or at least be made aware of those…

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