Stucco Inspections: You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

Stucco inspections are ALL the same, RIGHT? “Help me understand because… I don’t know… WHAT I DON’Tknow!”

WOW! That is an intelligent consumer. WHY? Because they know that although there are obvious similarities in stucco testing protocols and pricing, they also know each home is unique and it is best to learn, or at least be made aware of those specific differences, instead of simply “checking the box”!

Consumers are growing increasingly focused on the need for maintaining the home they intend to purchase (or currently own). As a result, they want to be aware of the upkeep requirements, expected longevity of cladding surfaces and potential replacement costs for future budget purposes.

Sometimes, we the inspection professionals, don’t know what we don’t know either…THAT IS, of course, until we arrive on site to physically inspect the home.

Technology has afforded us the opportunity to get a virtual tour or “bird’s eye” views of general home building designs and dimensions along with room by room snapshots. Images of grand living environments and lush amenities are always an added visual delight. However, no photo or marketing brochure can provide us with the most needed,vital information, as those obtained by our initial physical evaluation “behind the scenes” of the interior attic and basement foundation wall spaces.

Determining the exact type of substrate (i.e. plywood, O.S.B., Gypsum, Styrofoam, Fiber or Foil coated insulation board , to name a few) is key in understanding HOW to proceed, WHICH testing equipment is to be used and WHAT method of stucco inspection should be employed, as many of these products respond differently to our moisture probes and resistance testing instruments.

In addition, these substrate materials have accompanying data such as brand, thickness and date of manufacturing. Knowing what product is present AND which type of construction process has been used is essential to providing an accurate stucco/manufactured stone veneer inspection. Furthermore, identifying these products often aides us in locating hidden defects as the forensic evaluation may uncover dissimilar or newer building products indicating prior damage and subsequent replacement or recent repairs (which may or may not have been disclosed).

As you NOW know…not all inspections are the same!

Having a qualified inspection company who KNOWS the difference, makes ALL the difference!

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