What’s in a name? Stucco Inspections 2.0 (aka Moisture Intrusion evaluation)

A recurring theme in our blog is not just the ongoing education surrounding concerns with stucco based products, but the quick reaction by both the consumer and real estate sales industry to adapt to its new standards of installation and inspection methods.

To the uninitiated, only a few short years ago, the term “Stucco Inspection”, was perceived as a VISUAL procedure, limited ONLY to homes with STUCCO RIGHT?…

Well, you probably know by now, that “stucco inspections” are actually performed INVASIVELY and, in fact, include a variety of other facades such as EIFS (acrylic based applications) and the ever popular “manufactured” or “adhered” thin stone veneers.

So WHY the name, you ask? The immediate reaction by the industry was to generically label them as “stucco inspections”…….because….”that’s what they are RIGHT?”

NOT NECESSARILY!..In a world where information is instantaneous, early details on the term “stucco inspection” were vague, at best. The learning curve by the community stalled due to the names unintentional “exclusion” of these additional products, often causing confusion about what “was” and what “was not” subject to a “stucco inspection. This was further compounded by the failure to truly identify the main purpose of WHY the inspection is performed…namely… to evaluate areas for MOISTURE INTRUSION (regardless of the name of the finish system).

MOISTURE INTRUSION, over time, regardless of location, can cause extensive, costly, structural damage to a home. Often it goes unnoticed until outward signs appear, evidencing what moisture penetration has been occurring behind the homes exterior, for years.

Locating areas of moisture intrusion (past or present) and planning yearly preventive maintenance is key to protecting the home’s overall “building envelope” NOT just the stucco surface!

Today, revised building codes, updated product manufacturing specifications and new installation techniques have all been implemented, based on recommendations through extensive scientific research. The collective efforts of ASTM (American Society of Testing Materials), EDI (Exterior Design Institute) and the IRC/IBC (International Building Codes) have advanced major industry awareness and reform, dedicated to incorporate moisture intrusion prevention at all levels, beginning with design/planning stages all the way through project completion.

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