When do you recommend “RE-TESTING”?

You have mentioned Second Opinions in a previous Stucco Inspection blog…but WHEN do you recommend “RE-TESTING”?   

Great question… GLAD you ask!!

As you may know, the awareness of stucco concerns and requests for invasive moisture testing in the Northeast region as recent as 10 to 15 years ago was very minimal, coupled with the fact that there were very few qualified inspectors to actually perform the service.

The past five years have afforded us the ability to quickly track trends as they relate to the growing world of stucco inspections to best provide that current data in our blogs.

As expected, the growth of invasive Stucco inspection requests for Buyers has continued to climb 18% over the previous year of 2017.

2018 has also shown an increase of 16%  “peace of mind” invasive Stucco inspection requests (Homeowners NOT selling their home OR as a requirement of builder class action claims).

So now, regardless of which above category our clients fall into, we have found that upwards of 10% of our TOTAL (past & present) customer base have taken an ACTIVEeffort in establishing a preventive maintenance program which includes routine annual visual stucco/adhered stone veneer inspections along with documentation by their contractors, of all repairs.

The original invasive inspection report can serve as a reference to help compare past moisture readings to those locations that may require future “target” or limited testing, should visual inspections identify area(s) of emerging concern.  As a result, a homeowner can address a situation sooner to minimize the potential for any further moisture intrusion or damage.

The current industry recommendation for REPAIR FOLLOW-UP AND ANNUAL VISUAL INSPECTIONS is:

*A repair follow-up inspection (RE-TEST) should be conducted, at remediation locations, within three months after completion of the repairs to assess the effectiveness of the moisture modifications.

*Annual visual inspections should also be scheduled to ensure that your stucco system remains dry. This way any sealant failures, stucco cracks, etc. can be caught and repaired promptly.

*Maintaining your home on a regular basis is the best way to prevent costly repairs associated with moisture damage.

Should you decide to sell your home, annual visual inspections and maintenance documentation will be a valuable selling tool, providing evidence to show that your home has been inspected and maintained on a regular basis by a reputable and qualified firm.

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