Yes, the terms “STUCCO INSPECTION” & “STUCCO TESTING” have become household phrases that make everyone a bit edgy.

Just a few short years ago, the perceived “frivolity” of suggesting a stucco inspection was greeted with snickers and jeers in many real estate communities, even though it was increasingly being recommended for their best interest in what is typically the largest investment we ALL consider…THE PURCHASE OR SALE OF A HOME !

Widespread construction material failures and improper installation methods have been brought to light, resulting in a comprehensive revision of IRC BUILDING CODES. Accordingly, the real estate industry has quickly adapted by educating their Management, Sales staff, support team members, as well as their clients, regarding issues surrounding Stucco and manufactured (“adhered”) stone veneer surfaces.

We tracked data in late 2014 where initially 92% of BUYERS were generating stucco inspection requests, then the “pendulum swing” in 2015 whereby almost 86 % of inspections were being conducted for SELLERS…PRE-Listing their homes !

Now, the close of 2 nd QTR 2016 brings a leveling of “the playing field”, where Buyers and Sellers of Real Estate (and their respective Agents) equally understand the need for the stucco inspection but often don’t know how to proceed once the report has been issued.

DAUNTING as it may seem… the primary purpose of the stucco inspection report is to “map moisture” and determine “substrate resistance” at protocol locations so that IF/WHEN areas of concern are identified, a qualified stucco remediation contractor can review the detailed report findings to provide a scope of work and repair estimate (or suggest alternative replacement materials…i.e. vinyl siding, cement board etc.).

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