SPRING HAS SPRUNG ! The seeds of stucco awareness have taken root!

Our 1st QTR 2016 data continues to confirm a growing percentage of Sellers have taken a pre-emptive approach when entering the current real estate market.  Not only have they obtained an invasive stucco inspection, but many have actually completed the full or partial remediation as recommended in those cases where the inspection revealed stucco failures.

As a result, in situations where the BUYERS have requested our stucco evaluation services (on that same Pre-Inspected home), we are now being provided with estimates, contracts and warranties from the Owner/Seller’s construction firm, as additional disclosure information.

Accordingly, during our inspection, we pay special attention to the details of the proposal language to identify the list of materials used, along with the actual method of installation, in an effort to compare completed work to the current IRC (International Residential Code) compliance standards.

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